Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Good Karma Vegan Restaurant

This place was totally cool. It had a bit of a Tree Hugger atmosphere, with some vegan delights, great music, and a cute cook to top it off. I had the "pork" ball, mashed potatoes, rice, and a Chinese "Chicken" salad all for under 10 bucks!

Day 27 - San Jose, Personal Smoothie Maker, Walk-a-thon

I am so excited today because it's our first day and afternoon off in a couple weeks. I made it to the gym and it was a's the first day back in a week and my body is still surprised that I ever ask it to go to the gym even though we have nearly been going there every other day for the past 7 months.

After jogging I used my personal smoothie maker to make a protein shake with soy protein powder, ice, silk vanilla soy milk, and organic peach juice from trader joe's. The blender is freaking amazing!!!! It's made by Bella Cucina Artful Food and I got it at Target. The smoothie was pretty darn good. I used too much ice and the powder is a bit...powdery...but all in all yummy!

Now off to walk around San Jose for the next several hours and find all the yummy vegan food it has to offer. There are several places on my list! The reviews will be out soon! xo

Kim xo

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

San Jose Load In

Thank the good Lord that load in went well here! It helps when you have people that know what they are doing when you show up to a theatre. It's also great when the theatre is laid out well and not totally confusing.

I reallllly wanted to go jogging this morning before load in, but these past two weeks have left me exhausted so I decided that one more late morning in bed would do just find. For breakfast I made myself a PB&J, made with Skippy Natural Peanut Butter and Smuckers Organic Grape Jelly on Orowheat's 100% whole wheat bread. Yummy!

For Lunch a tofurkey sandwich with veggie chips and for dinner I went to Peggy's Diner with Catherine and had a veggie burger, fries, and a Mr. Pibb (I know I need to kick the soda habit). And I think I am going to find some vegan hamburger buns to take with me to restaurants because sometime the restaurants can't find the ingredients. And sometimes I am in too much of a rush to ask for them...and then I feel terrible....buying buns...problem solved.

Time for Sound Check, Troupe Checks, a show, then tomorrow morning and afternoon off!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 17-25 San Bernardino, San Francisco, and Travel to San Jose

Today was awesome! I was able to hunt down a personal smoothie maker so I can make protein shakes in the morning after I run and take it to work with me. San Bernardino was a slight nightmare..well the theatre anyway...but it was so awesome to see my Dad, Grandma, Great Aunt, all 3 of my Aunts, and my closest Cousin! I also got to see some of my closest friends from high school, their families, and a former co-worker...a very busy 3 days!

The travel day up to San Francisco was fun because Marty went with me. The words Travel day and veganism are practically an oxymoron. I survived off of french fries and salad. Bleh.

San Francisco was super scary because of all the crazy homeless people around the theatre, but it was sooooooo fantastic to go to Kendall's for Christmas and see the boys and my Mom. I also was able to see Renee and Karl after our final show...awesome!!

Today was the travel day to San Jose and it was great. Short trip with good conversation and great company (Allison and Craig). By the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG! We started off by eating at The Claremont Diner and I had a really yummy veggie burrito that instantly fell out of the tortilla. Allison almost got a quick photo of my near meltdown. Very tasty though. Once we got into town we dumped our bags and headed to Target. After the Target trip it was time to unpack and cram in some crocheting; Justin's parents blanket is barely 1/2 finished.

I love unpacking into my new hotel room, but only if we are there for a week or more. I like to use the regular size shampoo and conditioner bottles and my own soap...makes me feel less like a homeless person living out of a hotel room.

After unpacking I was ready for another adventure because I have my car with me while we are in Cali and it makes the world a better place to be able to drive wherever I want to. I needed some fruits and veggies, yogurt, silk soy milk, and other delicious yummies to munch on. I used my very cheap GPS system to find an Albertson's that turned out to be a mexican market...hilarious joke there God!!! Luckily I have been using Rosetta Stone to learn spanish so I was able to find the apples...and that's about it. I was a little shocked to see that they had Silk Soy Milk.

I used my handy dandy iPhone to find the nearest trader joe's and was able to pick up some real food...hummus, pita chips, veggie chips, tomatoes, onions, pears, apples, oranges, cheese with casein (Milk Protein)...what the hell? I am finding it very frustrating to find a cheese substitute. I was very tempted to dive into the wine section, but decided against it because last week was a wash with the jogging and I am ready to get back on the healthy wagon.

Ok. Time for bed, load in tomorrow morning. I still plan on putting up some back dated posts, but last week's schedule was crazy.

xo Kim

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 14-16 Santa Barbara into San Bernardino, CA

So before I left Santa Barbara I made another trip to the Natural Cafe and had Tempeh Tacos with beans and rice. These were not my favorite, but very edible. The 3 shows in Santa Barbara went by quickly and then we were on our way to San Bernardino after load out.

Driving in California brings me a lot joy, maybe more than it should. All the streets in Cali are very comforting to me and it makes me feel like I am home. It was fun on the short road trip to point out to Catherine (my Production Stage Manager) where my family lives along the way. The drive was just over 2 hours and we stayed awake and alive by singing christmas carols that were on the radio and swapping stories. By the way...what's with all the crazy new christmas songs?? Anytime a traditional song would come on we would give a huge "FINALLY!!!!!" and then belt to our hearts content.

Load in to San Bernardino seemed to last FOR-EV-ER. Catherine and I stayed in good humor because the weather was so beautiful and the coffee was free flowing. The donuts were calling my name but I have been really good about asking to see ingredients before popping something delicious in my mouth and I wasn't about to destroy all my hard work on a few boxes of YUM YUM DONUTS....damn those chocolate covered baked devils. While talking to the locals about being vegan and saying no to such baked goods one of the women offered me some fruit...very sweet of her to offer.

Lunch today was going to be at Subway, but the line was longer than it should have been in my opinion so we went across the street to Franky's Donuts and Deli...I am determined to find a vegan donut. They had veggie burgers here so I asked to read the bun ingredients....damn...EGGS! Lame. Ok...I asked for the veggie patty on the garnish...with fries. Less than fantastic, but still was able to have lunch. Ryan (Associate Company Manager and present lunch date) went up to the counter to get an "apple ugly"...apparently in Florida that's what they call apple fritters. It was the size of his head and looked absolutely delicious. I MUST HAVE A DONUT!!!!!! I went to the counter to ask about ingredients and before I could even open my mouth Ryan piped up to ask about animal products (what a good friend). At that moment the heavens opened and the angel behind the counter let us know that there were not any animal products in the head size apple fritter. I couldn't believe my ears... "EGGS" I ask. She shakes her head no. "LARD??" "No." "DAIRY????" "No, No animals products, fried in soybean oil." HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! As I skipped back to work eating my apple ugly I could not have been happier!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 13 - Load in to Santa Barbara

First of all, I have many back log posts to put up here and I will...tomorrow. I must sleep now.

But before the sleeping, this:

So today was a very long day...The load in itself wasn't hard, but it was an awkward theatre so everything just took a little longer than expected.

Food for today was less than great. I left my ATM card in my hotel room and therefore must rely on my preplanned foods that are shoved in my roadbox.

Breakfast: Banana

Mid-morning snack: Apple and Wheat Thins...I must have munched on those crackers for at least two hours. Way too long...announced to office "I AM PUTTING THESE AWAY NOW!

Lunch: Simply Asia microwave meal. I love these...very tasty and totally vegan!

Afternoon snack: Pumpkin Seeds

Dinner: Another Simply Asia...still yummy, but would have liked to have had a real meal.  Larabar - peanut butter cookie. It tasted healthy. Read into that statement as you will.

After Dinner (post show) snack:  Wheat Sourdough bread with pepper jack veggie slices = delicious!!! Oh and a Hansen's Natural Root beer.

I am very tired today and can't find the energy to be even a little it's off to bed.

Love and peace,