Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 89-92 Unpack, pack, drag suitcase to car, unpack, pack, drag suitcase to car...

Day 89 - March 2 - Tuesday - Load in and show in Rochester, NY
It's a nice theatre with plenty of room in the dressing rooms and plenty of room on dcck...this makes for a nice load in.  I spent some extra time today making some dressing room number signs for the doors because the dressing rooms aren't numbered...this tends to make me a little crazy.  The signs turned out lovely and I was off to put up the name plates and move along my day. 

Within the hour I had been attacked by whatever illness had been taking out our cast, crew, and band. I had been fighting it off for the past two months and this morning it body slammed me.  I threw down some cold and flu medicine hoping to catch it early and by evening started feeling a little more alive.

The show seemed to go by pretty quickly then it was off to sleep and kick the rest of this cold. 

Day 90 - March 3 - Wednesday - 1 show
I spent the entire day drinking water and napping and successfully won the fight!!! Woo Hooo!!!! I'm BACK!

Day 91 - March 4 - Thursday - 1 show and load out, travel to Buffalo, NY
Today I wrote a letter of reference for one of my cast members from the Disney Wonder and it was so nice to revisit the memories of working with her.  I packed up again and got ready to drag my suitcases down to the car.  When you are on tour for 8 months it takes a lot to live day by day out of your suitcase.  I officially have too much stuff now.  I have a big suitcase full of clothes, a big suitcase full of kitchen supplies, a small suitcase full of books and a duffle bag I use for laundry.  I need to send stuff home...soon....before my back breaks. 

Day 92 - March 5 - Friday - Load in and show in Buffalo, NY
I'm up at 7am and would normally go for a jog on a load in morning, but yesterday I moved onto my 3rd week of my 10 week plan and my legs are needing a recovery day.  The pain is a good pain...I've grown to love it. xo

Love and peace,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 70 - 88 Thank you Linz for guilting me into updating this thing. xo

Day 70 - Feb. 11 Thursday - Travel to El Paso, TX
We stayed at the Camino Real Hotel and all I could think of is my friend Brionne and how he let me borrow his Tennessee Williams "Camino Real" script and how I still haven't returned it....sorry Bri!!! xo

Day 71 - Feb. 12 Friday - Load in and show 
The hotel was just across the street from the theatre which is always awesome!  The load in wasn't anything special, just the usual.  We went for lunch at the hotel and it was fine.  Back to the theatre, sound check, troupe checks, and show.  

Day 72 - Feb 13 Saturday - 2 shows
It was a normal 2 show day for us. 

Day 73 - Feb. 14 Sunday - 2 shows and load out
The 1st show was great as usual.  As we were waiting for the time to start troupe checks the fire alarm started going off...REALLLLLLLY???  We filed outside and we took a roll call of everyone to make sure we had all cast and crew out of the building....All those Crew Evacuation Drills on the ship really paid off...Dario our Safety Officer would be so proud.  We did troupe checks outside in the parking lot and still pulled off a good show.  The audience loved getting everyone's autographs before the show.  Load out went quickly and then time to pack.  

Day 74 - Feb. 15 Monday - Travel to Lubbock, TX....LAST TEXAS CITY OF THIS TOUR!!!!
My friend Steve warned me well before getting to Lubbock about how bad it was going to be.  It was such a bizarre town...very brown without any architecture.  Very strange.

Day 75 - Feb. 16 Tuesday - Load in and show
Load in went quickly, lunch at Chili's, sound check, troupe checks, show, sleep. 

Day 76 - Feb. 17 Wednesday - show
The weather is very cold here so I wasn't able to go walking around....boring.  I worked on my Niece's blanket that I am crocheting for her 1st birthday.  The colors are really bright and I think she will just love it!!  It's 100% cotton and it's the easiest to crochet with so far. 

Day 77 - Feb. 18 Thursday - show then load out. 
Good show...quick load out.  Pack. Sleep.

Day 78 - Feb. 19 Friday - Travel to Independence, MO
Another never gets easier...I always hope and pray that one day I will get over my fear of flying. I have been on more flights than I can count so I figure if I haven't gotten over the fear by now it's probably not going to go away.  So I will keep up my mid flight prayers and promises to God that if he gets me on the ground safely I will be really, really, really good.  Amen.  

Day 79 - Feb. 20 Saturday - 3am Load in....and 2 shows
We had a super early load in because we had our first show at 4pm.  It was a very, very, very long day, but we all made it through.  We were playing in a hockey arena and arenas are nearly always a challenge.  This was no exception.  We thought everything was going to be great until we turned off the lights and saw the awful houselights spilling allllllllll over the preset look from all angles because the lights were for the entire arena not just the half we were using....we did what we could with what we had...sigh.

Day 80 - Feb. 21 Sunday - 2 shows then load out.
2 shows went by quickly, load out was super fast because we were all down one corridor, pack. Sleep. 

Day 81 - Feb. 22 Monday - Travel to Youngstown, OH
I was in 4 states today...barely.  We started off in Texas, flew to Milwaukee, where we barely missed our connection, but the connecting plane was also delayed so we made it on, touched down in Pennsylvania, then a drive to Ohio....the snow tried to slow us down all the way from Texas to Ohio, but we made it.

Here's the weather above the snow....

And a picture of what was under those fluffy clouds...

Day 82 - Feb. 23 Tuesday - load in and show
It was nice to be back in a real theatre...  Load in went well, quick lunch, sound check, troupe checks, show. sleep. 

Day 83 - Feb. 24 Wednesday - show
Nothing out of the ordinary today....we love that on the stage management team!  

Day 84 - Feb. 25 Thursday - show, load out, sleeper bus to York, PA
Another good show, load out, change into comfy clothes, climb into sleeper bus bunk and try to get to sleep before we start moving.   Mission accomplished.

Day 85 - Feb. 26 Friday - load in and show
Deja Vu... I was at this same theatre last year with Altar Boyz and it brought back so many memories of the Boyz.  What a crazy tour.... I miss them very much and still so thankful that I got to know each of them and see through many challenges together.  We were quite the little family.  

Day 86 - Feb. 27 Saturday - 2 shows
Coffee, coffee, coffee....somehow I slipped back into being a full time coffee drinker again.  I just love it!  Black of course..unless it's a soy latte.

Day 87 - Feb. 28 Sunday - 2 shows, load out, sleeper bus to Rochester, NY
2 shows couldn't go quick enough seems like the last day in a city makes everyone antsy...we are all ready to get back on the road and move along down the line.   I'm not sure why the temperature on the bus fluctuates so much but I have adapted a well known childhood song for your enjoyment...sing with me:

The temp on the bus goes up and down
up and down
up and down
The temp on the bus goes up and down
all through the night....

Day 88 - Mar. 1 Monday - Day off in Rochester, NY
We got in to the hotel just after 4am and it was one of those toss ups of whether to try and go back to sleep or stay up and face the day.  I stayed up until 7am watching "Go Further" (one of my fave films) then went for a quick shower hoping to relax and fall back asleep.  I was able to sleep until about 9:15am and then I contemplated going to the gym until about 4pm and then decided to wait until the morning.  I normally like to go to the gym before load in because it puts me in a good mood and I feel very awake.  I spent the day crocheting, watching law and order, flipping through magazines, reading, and watching movies....I love a monday off!!! 

Love and peace,