Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/16/11 Willamsport, PA

After 3 hours of sleep it was time to roll out of my bottom bunk (my favorite bunk preference...I'm terrified of falling off the top bunk, I did as a kid).  My head carp and I wander around and go through all dressing room/set up scenarios (best and worst) and then our days is off and running.  Because we leave right after the show and jump on a sleeper bus on one nighters there is not normally showering time so we roll into the next venue looking a little more scrappy then the day before and with a little more attitude as well.  Somehow less showering equals more attitude...hmmmmm.  I've inspected the showers at this venue and they aren't nearly as scary as some so this may be one of the days when a venue shower changes my whole world of a day.

After a couple hours of work I reach for my breakfast of champions: to do more paperwork. Cheers!

Love and peace,

3/15/11 York, PA

York is just as cute as I remember it!!! I love it so!  Here are a couple pictures of just how adorable it is:

The weather was really nice and I had some delicious grilled veggies with wild rice at restaurant called something like the White Rose....can't remember.

Here's another pretty picture of the sun through one of the many beautiful trees there:
One of the many reason I LOVE coming to York is for the amazing you say???

And of course here's a picture of my office at the venue we played at:

In my office you will almost always hear some kind of music blaring from the tiny laptop speakers, several piles of paper, coffee, water, and eventually a printer that likes to fight with me on a daily basis.

Ok, my watch just beeped at me to say that it is 4:30am so now that I have finished my performance report, laughed up a storm with my crew, and updated my blogness it's time for some shut eye before heading into the theatre in 3's good to be back! xo

Love and peace,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/13/11 Last day of layoff...Back to blogging

So...I'vI had several very sweet friends ask about my blog and if I would ever update it.  To those friends: I love you, I will try to keep this puppy we go!

We've been on a layoff week this past week and as much as I love sleeping in and taking little kitty cat naps every couple hours I NEED TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!!  I'm just not any good at sitting around.  I'd much rather be loading in, running a show, or loading out.  I could do without the dragging of suitcases to and from buses but that's part of the gig.

I frankly don't have a clue as to what day of tour I'm on so I won't be using that as a time marker for the blog anymore, but I will post the date and the city we happen to be in.  I'm really excited about tomorrow because we are headed to York, PA.  York, PA is one of my very favorite cities because it has the most charm of any city I've ever been to.  It's super cute with a total Pennsylvania feel.  It's hard to describe but I'll try to remember to take pictures and post them.  I could totally see myself living there at some point in my life.

I also have come to the realization that I need to crochet another blanket or scarf.  It's been MONTHS!!!  I miss it terribly and need to get back to it.  Our props guy is a crocheting genius!!!  He wants to teach me how to crochet something more than totally tweaked out blankets and scarves but I refuse.  I love my wonky masterpieces!

Ok, time to finish packing, watch a docu film to get me motivated to be a vegan again, bed, then back to tour!!!!! Yay!  I miss my CATS family! xo

Love and peace,