Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/15/11 York, PA

York is just as cute as I remember it!!! I love it so!  Here are a couple pictures of just how adorable it is:

The weather was really nice and I had some delicious grilled veggies with wild rice at restaurant called something like the White Rose....can't remember.

Here's another pretty picture of the sun through one of the many beautiful trees there:
One of the many reason I LOVE coming to York is for the amazing you say???

And of course here's a picture of my office at the venue we played at:

In my office you will almost always hear some kind of music blaring from the tiny laptop speakers, several piles of paper, coffee, water, and eventually a printer that likes to fight with me on a daily basis.

Ok, my watch just beeped at me to say that it is 4:30am so now that I have finished my performance report, laughed up a storm with my crew, and updated my blogness it's time for some shut eye before heading into the theatre in 3's good to be back! xo

Love and peace,


  1. The touring VEGGIE stage manager? What of the fate of the Vegan? Do tell.

  2. Glad to see you posting again. Keep it up!